Lotus Copper Fire

Nearly always the first thing people comment on when seeing the car is its stunning colour. ‘Copper Fire’, a fitting name for a dramatic colour. Like a flaming fire, it changes noticeably in different light, from a vivid and bright coppery orange in direct sunlight to a dark, rich moody red in the evening. The colour perfectly fits the ethos of the Exige and the perfect colour for the early 80s supercar Esprit.

The Lotus Esprit was very much a supercar in the 80s and a luxury one at that, with wall to wall leather and deep carpets the cabin was sumptuous. With supercar performance and looks that made it a bedroom poster for many small boys. Even today, 40 years on, the Esprit can still be a capable tourer as seen recently in the brilliant video from Harry’s Garage.

James Bond Lotus Esprit copper fire BondExige

Photo credit: Group Lotus Plc from GQ magazine

So why is Copper Fire such a desirable colour? Well in 1981 Roger Moore starring in James Bond “For your eyes only” drove a Copper Fire Lotus Esprit to the Italian resort of Cortina. This bond car famously had a ski rack on the rear section of the car, and transported Bond to the famous Miramonti Hotel. Earlier in the film, a white Esprit is used and blown up killing a couple of henchmen. Instead of, The decision to bring in a sensational Copper Fire Esprit rather than replacing it with another white one that would not standout enough against the snowy background of the Italian ski resort was really is a clever move and has made the Copper Fire Esprit an iconic status.

The original Bond car colour and decals were Copper Fire with Mars Gold, with black bumper and trim. Lotus Exclusive kindly agreed the same Copper Fire colour to be used for BondExige with the Mars Gold being used for the accent pack on the exterior of the car, and additionally used on the wing mirrors and spoiler end plates. In place of the black trim BondExige uses extensive carbon fibre, which appears to be a better complimentary tone for the Copper Fire as it allows the colour to dominate.

One of the most striking aspects of the original car, and one I hope to incorporate in my own car, are the BBS split rim chrome and gold wheels. The sharp angles of the wheel spokes reflect the wedge shape of the Esprit, with big deep tyres at the rear. I feel the Exige would need more curvy lines in the wheel spokes, but I think the chrome and gold combination could work well.

Lotus Exige copper fire

So the already super cool supercar Esprit was taken to another level by James Bond, with the setting and ski rack accessories becoming an icon. The Copper Fire colour was a fitting choice making the Esprit an incredible looking car, and hopefully my Lotus Sport 410 BondExige too.

My Copper Fire Exige followed by a white Esprit as featured in the James Bond film “For your eyes only”.

Lotus Exige and white Lotus Esprit from James Bond

Harry's Garage takes a James Bond Lotus Esprit to Cortina

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