Supercar Fest the new Goodwood?

I have been going to Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, venue of Supercar Fest, for many years. It is one of my favourite motorsport venues. The venue has well attended regular monthly meets and lots of great events throughout the year. Hill Climb sprints feel more like grass roots social clubs, with car owner enthusiasts who are welcoming which help make motorsport very accessible. If you have never been to a hill climb, Shelsley Walsh and Prescott are both well worth a visit as they are inexpensive and offer plenty of exciting competition to watch.

Supercar Fest captures the Hill Climb ethos of being accessible, inexpensive, exciting motorsport fun, and then dials that up to 11! The 2019 event was very successfully in terms of attendance, quality and quantity of cars, and spectacle. Whilst Covid19 halted the 2020 event, the next event promises to be something special. There are several aspects to the event that make this a great day out…

Supercar Paddock

It is the supercar paddock that makes Supercar Fest feels like Goodwood, accessible to everyone and you can get up close to some amazing cars. Most of the owners are milling around their cars so you can ask about the cars or have a chat, the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.

Car Clubs

Several car clubs attend, some en mass with 50+ cars, as did the Lotus Drivers Club. There is a lot of room for club members to setup picnic areas between the cars and gather for socialising. With the clubs also benefiting from being placed next to the Sports car show and close to the track it makes sense to book with your preferred club.

Demo runs

This is what most people come to see and is my favourite part of the day. Whilst the runs up the hill are not timed, there is some driver talent on display. The sound is truly epic from every type of V12, V10, V8, V6, straight 6, and 4 cylinder highly tunned and high revving engine that accelerates up the hill. The first part of the hill is relatively straight with spectators along the entire section cheering on those that are hitting the rev limiter. Then a tight section at the top, before opening out as the cars disappear over the top with a final scream of revs. It is pretty much non-stop all day and always a dream car going past and full chat.

Sports car show

Some car shows have a concours style competition with beautifully kept and restored cars. However, the cars entered in the sports car show are not stored museum pieces but a great variety of current and recent cars in some of the most interesting and limited-edition specifications. There are pre 1975 classics, pre 1990 modern classics, pre 2010 cars we all know and love and then lots of the very latest new models.

Live music & Camping

Those wanting to stay can pitch a tent and when the sports cars stop, the band starts up, with several live events in the barn.

Book your tickets for Supercar Fest on their website today.

Supercar Fest - the Runway

If you cannot wait until the August bank holiday, then there is always the Runway event in the first half of the year on Spring Bank Holiday. All the same excitement with the only change being a straight drag, rather than hill climb.

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