QS Car Club photoshoot

One of my favourite car meets for many years has been the Queen Square Car Club, which started in 2009 and has grown to one of the UK’s largest regularly car meets attracting 500+ cars! The meets are held in and around Bristol at a variety of great locations. The venues range from the grounds of stately homes to the stunning Bristol Amphitheatre a stones’ throw away from the original location.

The Facebook page has over 11,000 followers and list of events for monthly meets, so getting involved is easy, which is why there is such an eclectic mix of cars at each meet. There is something for every petrol head, enthusiast, boy racer, and classic car collector, making the meets a great place to see something you have either never seen before or have not seen in ages.

Check out the Facebook page for QS Car Club Bristol.

Lotus Exige Sport 410

QS Car Club were planning a photoshoot to get some exciting photographs to promote a new approach for the monthly meets this autumn and winter and asked if owners could spare some time at a new location. So, I volunteered, and prepared my Lotus Exige Sport 410 the day before to ensure it looked immaculate for the photographer the following morning. Inevitably it was raining in the morning, not heavy, but enough to make the roads throw up a dirty spray, which meant unfortunately the car was not that clean on arrival. Initially disappointing, but I carry a mobile cleaning kit ready to remove any dirt and detail the car, making the paintwork and carbon fibre vibrant.

Cleaning the car, not once but twice was worth the effort, as the location was amazing. Three large unassuming warehouses, which inside were adorned with very cool graffiti and large-scale wall art. The lighting was highly effective too, giving a range of highlights across the copper fire paint work and reflecting of the carbon fibre. The other owners and I positioned our cars and the photographer and organiser set about taking some shots, whilst I tried to stay out of the way taking a few photos myself.

Lotus Esprit S1

Also attending was Nick Pope from Tomorrow’s Classics an automotive restoration business based in Gloucester with a mint Lotus Esprit S1, the same model featured in the James Bond film that jumps into the sea and becomes a submarine. It was a beautiful example and set against the wall art and graffiti in the warehouse and looked every bit as fresh today as when it was built in 1977!

Hundreds of photographs were taken by Queen Square and official photographer Untypical Media over a couple of hours with the cars in various positions. The official photos are far better than my amateur efforts and can be seen on the QS Car Club Facebook and Untypical Media Instagram. If you live in the South West or Midlands this is a great Car Club monthly meet, and will be undercover throughout the autumn and winter. If you are coming from further afield maybe make a weekend of it as there are some amazing roads to drive nearby in the Cotswolds.

Checkout the Instagram account of Untypical Media.

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