My Lotus featured in MyLotus on Lotus Cars website

At the beginning of May Lotus announced four limited edition Lotus Elise cars. These look amazing, particularly the interior which have stylish a bespoke appearance. Following Lotuscars on Instagram I commented on a story saying how much I like the interior, and to my surprise Lotus messaged back shortly afterwards asking if I would like to contribute to their new ‘MyLotus’ page.

Lotus have been using the #MyLotus across social media with great effect, with nearly 30,000 posts since its inception. There is come great content from a variety of enthusiasts and owners showing a diverse range of models, specifications, and usage.

Best examples of Lotus cars worldwide

Now Lotus have taken some of the best examples of Lotus cars worldwide and featured them in a dedicated page on their website. You can navigate directly to the page from the Lotus Car website main menu selecting ‘#MYLOTUS’. The page is full of the best Lotus cars you have seen, starting with one of my favourites from Instagram @Exige500R belonging to Amrish Rajkomar. You will recognise many of the other cars from Facebook and Instagram.

Towards the bottom of the page you find BondExige, linked to a page with one of my favourite photographs as the main image. Below this are a few short paragraphs detailing my love of Lotus, together with some of my favourite photos; driving over the Preseli Hills in West Wales, at the Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup course and just after the PPF had been applied to the car outside Auto Protek.

Reading some of the other Lotus owners stories is fascinating and great to hear their enthusiasm for the brand.

Check out the page on the Lotus website.

Lotus Instagram favourites

Here are a couple of my favourite Instagram accounts featuring Lotus cars.

Link to Instagram to see: Exige500R

Link to Instagram to see: WISU1

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