Lotus Exige Sport 410 Reviews

When the Lotus Exige Sport 410 was launched it was met with universal praise. Although I was already very keen to buy this model, these reviews really confirmed what a great car this was going to be. I wasn’t disappointed, and everything I read about this amazing sports car was truly and dialled up to 10!


The Exige is a rarity, in the fact it’s a car that’s as happy on the track as it is on the road.
Rating 9/10

"The Exige is an exquisitely engineered sports car. Being small and positively anorexic with an incredibly mechanical setup, it communicates its surroundings in a way only a Lotus can. Its damping (helped by three-way adjustable Nitron dampers) is nothing short of delicious. With so much body control, it seamlessly entices and enthrals driving enthusiasts to push harder, evoking raw emotions and feelings that are rapidly being lost in an era of digitisation. The 410 is also chuffing fast. A power-to-weight figure of 389bhp per tonne, a 3.3sec 0-60mph time, 180mph top speed and with all those juicy aero goodies, good for 150kg of downforce."

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EVO Magazine

Lotus Exige Sport 410 review – first drive of latest mid-engined sports car
Rating 5 Stars

"Mixing the performance of the Cup 430 with the usability of the Sport 350, the new Sport 410 is the pick of the Exige line-up. And boy does it have some guts. Below 3000rpm the V6 pushes you around at hot-hatch pace, but as soon as you extend the revs, reaching beyond 4000rpm and opening the exhaust’s valve, the Exige lays down its supercar credentials. A combination of the single-mass flywheel and the shove of the supercharger turns the Exige from a thoroughbred sports car to a supercar-baiting flyweight. The rate at which it piles on speed in the top three gears would require a 911 to be a Turbo rather than a Carrera turbo to get away from you."

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Car Magazine

Lotus Exige Sport 410: speed, grip, agility – and joy

"No matter: a press of the throttle and you’ll soon displace them, as your head jerks backwards with the 410’s rapacious thrust. Change up from second to third using the clackety stickshift with its exposed linkage, and if you time it to land in the meat of the V6’s torque band, there’s an elastic snap of thrust like being fired from a catapult, accompanied by the supercharger’s whine and the threshing of combustion. Factor in the rush of the wind and the sensation-packed 410 feels every bit as rapid as its 3.3sec blitz of the 0-62mph sprint suggests: this is the fastest roadster in Lotus history."

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AutoCar - Lotus Exige Sport 410 2018

Rating 5 Stars

"With various carbonifbre options fitted on top of the standard carbon shell seats and elements of the silhouette, it weighs a paltry 1054kg dry and yet develops 410bhp. You can even order this car without an airbag (saving 2.5kg); in the hardcore weight weenie stakes, this rather shades Porsche’s penchant for using a sticker for the crest rather than enamel badge. Talking of Porsche, during a pre-drive brief at Lotus HQ in Hethel, Gales reminds us that for a 911 to match the power-to-weight ratio of an Exige Sport 410, it would need more than 600bhp. That would be the GT2 RS, then."

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PistonHeads - 2019 Lotus Exige Sport 410 | UK Review

"To better tolerate the beating many of these cars will get on trackdays, the Sport 410 gets a larger clutch than the 380 and several new coolers, not least for the gearbox, which takes the form of Lotus's 'Precision Shift' six-speed manual - the one with the open-gate shift. The J-hook brakes are carried over from the Cup 430, and they're fantastically light in terms of servo assistance and a reassuring presence as you dive deeper into corners than you'd previously thought sensible, or possible."

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