Copper Fire is unique to Lotus

I worked directly with the factory and lotus Exclusive to create the car and they allowed the use of the evocative colour on the car. But why Copper Fire, what is its association with James Bond?

This is not the first time Copper Fire has been used on a modern early car. Copper Fire was an option colour back in the 80s, as you can see on the Esprit in my blog about the original Copper Fire Esprit. However, there have been 6 instances of the colour in the last few years.

Top Gear - Exige S V6

The interest in this iconic colour and its connection with James Bond was revived for an article for Top Gear. The Exige S was a new model with a V6 Engine which was considerably more powerful than the outgoing four-cylinder supercharged variant. Top Gear took this car back to the Dolomites to recreate the scenes from James Boon ‘For your eyes only’.

Lotus Central – Exige Sport 350

One of Lotus UK network dealers commissioned their own version of the ‘James Bond’ spec in an uprated version of the Exige. This Exige Sport 350 was lighter and faster than the Exige S, and had the stunning exposed gear linkage, for the first time, which is now in all Exige models. With Mars Gold alloy wheels this was now the Copper Fire Exige to have.

Seb Delanney – Exige Sport 380

The most well know of the ‘Copper Fire’ cars was created by popular You Tuber and Instgram influencer Seb Delanney. He worked with Lotus Exclusive on his Copper Fire Sport 380 and documented this extensively on his YouTube channel. Faster again than the Silverstone creation, but had a black interior, which took the car away from the original specification of the Lotus Esprit in James Bond, which had a full tan interior.

Seb’s car also included the Mars Gold accent pack which introduced the pin stripe details found on the James Bond Esprit.

Reflection Shade – Exige Sport 380 (Auto)

There are actually two Copper Fire Lotus Exige Sport 380s, the second is an automatic, which is very rare in Exige cars and most likely the only automatic Copper Fire car. This car is in the Middle East and can be seen regularly on track with ‘Reflections Shade’ Instagram account.

US customer bespoke – Evora 400

This car was ordered as a bespoke specification by a customer of Naples, Florida dealership in the US.

Bond Exige – Exige Sport 410

The last version of which I am aware, the highest spec, and the closest spec to the original James Bond copper fire Esprit is my car Bond Exige. I worked with the factory, visiting, and discussing the design of the car, which was an absolute pleasure. The Copper Fire, Mars Gold, Carbon Fibre, and extended Tan interior combination are as close to the James Bond Esprit as you will get in any of these versions.

The Sport 410 is the fastest of the Copper Fire Exiges and Evora, and unless a Exige 430 or 420 is created it will remain the most powerful and desirable of the six Copper Fire Bond specials. My car has been in a couple of magazines and a Bond specification car, check out Absolute Lotus magazine.

James Bond spec cars

Three special edition Evora’s in the ‘Wet Nellie’ white coloured James Bond specification where also created. One of which was in a feature article for Absolute Lotus magazine with my Bond Exige car as example of Lotus Exclusive cars created directly with the factory as ‘atelier’ type cars.
Absolute Lotus Magazine

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