What do we want from the Emira?

This is perhaps the most exciting moment in the history of Lotus car for a quarter of a centuary. The venerable Elise and associated model range of Exige and Evora have been retired and a new king is about to be proclaimed. I asked people on Instagram what they wanted from the new Lotus Emira, and the replies are fascinating.

People know what the brand stands for and that is reflected in the comments, but crucially do new customers understand the brand. Can Lotus get that brand authenticity and history across to new customers with this car, who they need to attract to take the company to the next level?

@tgidaan - V6 bi turbo and hybrid
@nelly111s - A replacement for my Elise at a sensible price
@sugoi_cars - Lightweight and N/A is all I want to see
@joshuakhan9 - Manual transmission, under 1000kg, naturally aspirated and no more than 500hp
@ashtones2000 - V6 manual
@jj_loves_cars - Lightness
@gilb__ - Simplified with added lightness
@guiro25 - Fun, affordable (sub $60k), comfy enough (A/C, cruise control…), and lightweight
@bordy965 - Sexy
@chrisatronic - Cayman GT4 rival with Exige 430 soundtrack
@lotus_track - V6 hybrid 980kg
@ahmenace - Open top
@ajthomo75 - Nice interior so I can daily it
@thekillerbee_cars - Lightweight lotus DNA and philosophy
@ajordaoo - Should be manual!
@pauledouard.urb - Not being a Porsche but a true Lotus
@jts_takes - loud
@auto.intake - manual only
@nuts4rc - Fun
@my11keh - Lighter than the Evora but enough comfort to be used every day
What do you think?

How close to the Lotus DNA of ‘add lightness’ should they stay? Many people expect the car to be a bit heavier which is fine if that attracts new customers to support the brand and help the development of a wider model range.

This is an exciting time for the brand let’s hope the new Lotus Emira will be everything we want it to be.

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