Lotus Drivers Club

When I first bought my Lotus, I wanted to join a club to meet like-minded Lotus enthusiasts. Most owners have a strong affinity to the Lotus brand, which for many is the driving experience. So a club with ‘drivers’ in the name sounded ideal!

One of the most important factors to me in choosing a club was the digital presence and accessibility. I am very much of the digital age and like to see and get involved with events coming up, rather than read about them later in a newsletter letter. So, for me, a club with a great website, supported with a Facebook page, WhatsApp groups and Instagram, to allow members to engage would be the perfect club.

After a quick Google, it was clear that the Lotus Drivers Club had a great online presence, head and shoulders above the others. Looking through the website, they had done some great tours, and attended the type of events I liked, and more importantly I was able to see what was coming up and book on a couple of interesting events immediately after joining.

Two of those events were the West Wales Driving Adventure and the Club Stand at the Silverstone Classic. The tour in West Wales was very well organised and the perfect Bank Holiday weekend away. Whilst the Silverstone Classic is one of my favourite UK motorsport events with the very best collection of historic racers on display.

Magazine - Chicane

I had heard of Lotus Drivers Club prior to my Google because of their fantastic magazine Chicane, which I had picked up at our local Lotus dealership Newtown Motors when buying my car. It is a commercial quality quarterly magazine, which is worth the membership fee alone, with a wide variety of articles. From features on individual cars and member events, to Lotus manufacturer news and historic reference articles, the magazine has plenty for everyone.

The magazine has a new editor and is even bigger and better than before, you should pretty much join for this alone.

National Events

There are events all around the UK which the club either organises or attends with club representation.

Silverstone Classic

Lots of car clubs attend the fantastic Silverstone Classic, and the Lotus Drivers Club had a prime position on one of the large infield car park areas. It is great to get all the car together in such a big group and have a base in the middle of the circuit.

NEC Classic Car Show

What must be the largest indoor automotive event in the UK, the NEC Classic Car Show has a Lotus Drivers Club stand organised by the Midlands area. Always some interesting and stunning Lotus examples on the stand it is worth stopping for a chat with other members.


The West Wales Driving Experience tour organised by area representative David Bonham was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Read more about the West Wales driving adventure.

New Website

You may have noticed the new website, with a new approach to address the online user, which is a great step forward and ideal for mobile users. Recognising that community discussion now happens on WhatsApp and Facebook the website is focused on events and being about to participate.

You should consider joining, find out more on the Lotus Drivers Club website

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