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As soon as the Exige was out of the storage in Spring 2019, I contacted Absolute Lotus magazine on the recommendation of Newtown Motors.

Absolute Lotus understood very well the idea behind the car, as they had done an article the previous autumn about the actual Bond car used in the film “For your eyes only”. It would have been great to do an article on both cars, but unfortunately that opportunity had passed. To see the two Copper Fire, Mars Gold and Tan interior specification cars together, perhaps both adored with skis would have been amazing. Considering that Bond Exige would be of interest at some time, I kept in contact with the magazine and kept my fingers crossed for another opportunity.

Surprisingly, I did not have to wait for so long! A few months later, Absolute Lotus got in touch about an article featuring Lotus Exclusive. There would be two Lotus Exclusive cars, both on a Bond theme, but compare the models, an Evora and an Exige.

Lotus Exclusive

Lotus Exclusive cars are simply Lotus with extra, bespoke, and unique features. In the case of the two Lotus, my Bond Exige is completely unique, and the Evora is the only one in the UK that is built to the spec, which also happens to be only 3 of them in the world!

For those that are not familiar with Absolute Lotus, they are the leading Lotus magazine and one of the best motoring magazines available. If you are interested in Lotus, classics, new modes, restoration projects, motorsport, or ownership then this is, quite frankly, your one-stop shop. You may have come across or already follow an Instagram account of Joe Croser with his Exige Sport 410. Joe is one of the contributors for Absolute Lotus.

External link to: JCXMIG

With all that excitement, the shooting day almost did not come soon enough for me! The Evora owner, Chris, and I met with Ian Stent, the editor of Absolute Lotus, at Newlands Corner, near Guildford in leafy Surrey, which was easily accessible for me from the M4. The weather was perfect for the Exige, the strong sunlight making the Copper Fire pop contrasting with the darker carbon fibre.

With my previous sport cars, I had never been involved in a magazine photoshoot and it was fascinating to see just how many angles, positions, lighting conditions, movement, and compositions in which a pair of cars can be placed. It was very impressive to watch how the professionals works! Ian, the editor and on this occasion also photographer, worked with the cars directing myself and Chris to get the right photos. Considering we were in a public area and frequently had people stopping by, Ian did such a fantastic job to frame his photographs.

Tan interior

Whilst the exterior of the Exige is photographed regularly (by an amateur like myself!), the exquisite details of the interior and the tan leather does not have as many photos. I find it difficult to photograph, partly due to access, but mostly it is rather tricky to achieve the right lighting in the inside. Tan interior is very rare on Lotus cars, most being black, with the lighter colour making the interior feel airier and is much easier to see the detail in the seats, doors and centre console. The tan is complimented with the accent pack which brings the copper fire into the interior around the heater dials, window switches and gear gaiter. The contrast is beautiful and is further lifted with the red stitching on all the leather. The interior looks like no other Lotus Exige, Elise or Evora I have seen. It really sets the car apart from its contemporaries.

After a couple of hours in the car park, and hundreds of photographs of both the Evora and Exige, we took the cars to a nearby stretch of road to take some action shots. First location was an open stretch of road that created some great photos side on with the scenery flying past in the background. The second location was my favourite, it was on a twisty section of road, we were being photographed around a corner.

These photos of the Exige and Evora are stunning. I am so pleased to see them in in the magazine and some are also on my Instagram account. I would like to thank Absolute Lotus for featuring Bond Exige and doing such a fantastic job on the article. It was such a privilege to be involved.

Follow this link to Subscribe to Absolute Lotus magazine, or back order Issue 10 for Bond Exige.

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