£100,000 Lotus Garage

Most Lotus owners are also enthusiasts with a passion for the brand, which usual means they have hankered after more than one model. Everyone has a current model they would like to own, together with a desire for the model they saw as a child that hooked them on the brand.

Choosing your favourite modern Lotus where money is no object is easy, but what about fixing a budget and buying your dream garage of 3,4 or 5 cars? It requires some serious thought, clever choices, some in depth knowledge and perhaps winter prices to complete your dream garage.

So here goes, £100,000 and four cars. What do you think of my choices and what would you choose?

Lotus Elan +2S JPS
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Lotus Elan £35k – the collector’s item

First produced between 1962 until 1975 the Elan is a very pretty classic car. Whilst many have been lost to the ravages of time there is a wide range to choose from. Only the bravest and most mechanically minded would tackle a project, but there are plenty of well restored examples. Prices will continue to improve as the brand is in the ascendancy since the purchase by Chinese automotive giant Geely.

This 1973 Lotus Elan+2S 130/5 JPS No. 111 of 116 of Special Edition would be my choice at £35,995, love the coupe and the iconic livery.

See the advert on Pistonheads Lotus Elan +2S JPS.

Lotus Esprit Turbo Essex
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Lotus Esprit £30k – the legend

The Esprit launched in October 1975 at the Paris Motorshow, which became known at the Series 1. The polygonal “folded paper” design philosophy of Georgetown Giugiaro became one of the most iconic car shapes. The car went on to become one of the most James Bond cars ‘Wet Nellie’ driven by Roger Moore into the sea of a harbour wall transforming into a sub marine.

My choice would be an Turbo Esprit Essex spec as featured in the Bond film ”For your eyes only” with a ski rack on the rear. My budget won’t stretch to a mint condition car, and these models can bring hefty bills but this example looks mechanically sorted with engine rebuild and new turbo. Here is an example in Pistonheads at £32,500 specification...

See the advert on Pistonheads Lotus Esprit Turdo Essex.

Lotus Elise S1
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Lotus Elise £15k – a true sports car

Stepping forward to the modern ear Lotus cars and the model that a friend of mine owned in our early twenties that really made me want a Lotus again. The Elise was universally praised and that hasn’t really stopped in its 20+ year history. Testimony to this great car is the fact that it has been able to evolve and reinvent itself over that time with great success. It will be a very sad day indeed when the Elise finally ceases production, but so many people have written off the Elise only for it to continue. Perhaps the Elise will always be with us just like the Porsche 911.

This 2000 Elise S1 is a great example on Pistonheads for £15,350, with factory hard top and only 3 owners from new.

See the advert on Pistonheads Lotus Elise S1.

Lotus Europa Type54
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Lotus Europa £10k – the project

With the resurgence of the Lotus brand in fully sign after being purchase by Chinese automotive giant Geely, now maybe the time to look at restoring a classic. The older classic cars from the Lotus heyday will become more collectable as the brand pushes into new markets and looks to reference their heritage. What better example than the Europa as it’s unique styling and ultra-low slung stance make it look 60s exotic.

How about this Lotus Europa (Type 54) S2 1969, with all original mechanical items ready for restoration available on Pistonheads for £11,500.

See the advert on Pistonheads Lotus Europa S2 Type 54.

Lotus Type 20/22
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Lotus race car? – the dream

OK, so one last bonus car, would have to be a fully fledged racing Lotus. Forget all the others, which I would trade for a classic racing car in a heartbeat. This beautiful Lotus 20/22 from 1961 would be perfect for those wanting to join the classic car racing scene.

See the advert on Car and Classic Lotus Type 20/22.

What would be in your garage?


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