Supercar Fest the Hill, Bond Exige

Supercar Fest the Hill, the new Goodwood?

Supercar Fest captures the Hill Climb ethos of being accessible, inexpensive, exciting motorsport fun, and then dials that up to 11! At one of the oldest motorsport venues in the world, Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb.

Lotus at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Lotus at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

Goodwood 2018 was a special year for many reasons, the genesis of Bond Exige concept, the launch of Lotus Type 49 and 79 limited editions, and most importantly Lotus were back in a big way!

QS Car Club Bristol with Bond Exige

£100,000 Lotus dream garage

Most Lotus owners are also enthusiasts with a passion for the brand, which usual means they have hankered after more than one model. What Lotus models would you select for your garage? Here are mine...

QS Car Club Bristol with Bond Exige

QS Car Club monthly car meet

One of my favourite car meets for many years has been the Queen Square Car Club, which started in 2009 and has grown to one of the UKs largest regularly car meets which can attract 500+ cars!

Lotus copper fire paint with mars gold

Lotus Exclusive copper fire paint

‘Copper Fire’, a fitting name for a dramatic colour. Like a flaming fire, it changes in different light, vivid and bright coppery orange in direct sunlight, rich moody red in the evening.

Lotus autumn tour of South East Wales

Lotus autumn tour of South East Wales

After a summer of fun with the Lotus, I decided to organise an autumn event for local Lotus owners. An early Sunday morning with some breakfast at the fabulous 57 Bridgestreet in USK.

Colin Chapman classic quotes

Colin Chapman classic quotes

The legacy of Colin Chapman is enormous and cannot be underestimated in terms of motorsport and sports cars the world over. As you might expect Colin Chapman’s words were inspirational to many people.

Top 5 Lotus Exige Sport 410 optional extras

Top 5 Sport 410 optional extras

I have always had a second car, sports car, for weekend fun, and a sensible and economical daily drive. My second cars are always second-hand, partly to keep the costs sensible and partly the fact you have great choices of interesting cars.

Lotus Exige Sport 410

Lotus Exige Sport 410

The Lotus Exige Sport 410 replaced the 380 in August 2018 just as Chinese automotive giant Geely were completing their purchase of Lotus Cars. The difference was a significant step forward in terms of specification, particularly the engine and suspension.