Bond Exige Lotus Sport 410

Owning a Lotus has been a life long ambition and a truly special experience.

Ever since my grandfather bought home a Lotus Type 72 Formula 1 car toy from the factory in Swansea where he was working in the 1970s, I was hooked on Lotus. Back then they dominated Formula 1 with championships won through ground breaking innovation following the famous mantra of the founder Colin Chapman:
“simplify, then add lightness”

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Lotus Exclusive copper fire paint

Lotus Exclusive copper fire and mars gold

‘Copper Fire’, a fitting name for a dramatic colour. Like a flaming fire, it changes in different light, vivid and bright coppery orange in direct sunlight, rich moody red in the evening.

Absolute Lotus magazine feature on Lotus Exclusive cars

Absolute Lotus magazine feature on Lotus Exclusive

Absolute Lotus got in touch about an article featuring Lotus Exclusive. There would be two Lotus Exclusive cars, both on a Bond theme, but compare the models, an Evora and an Exige.

Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup golf course

I headed for the 2010 Club House and parked in the entrance to get a couple of quick photos and a few staff came over to have a look at the car, the car always seems to attract attention.

A Lotus Exclusive creation

Designed and created by myself, Newtown Motors and Lotus Exclusive as a bespoke one off example of a Lotus Exige Sport 410. The colour and specification take inspiration from an iconic James Bond car, known for its sloping ski rack and arrival at the stunning Miramonti Boutique Hotel.

Copper Fire

This colour was used on the Lotus Esprit in the James Bond film, “for your eyes only” starring Roger Moore in 1982. Two Lotus Esprits were used, the other a white car which Bond blows up.

Mars Gold

The accent colour creates a stunning contrast to the Copper Fire across the car. The detail is used on the access panel, front splitter, rear diffuser, side barge boards, side air intakes and wing mirrors.

Carbon Fire

Used for many panels and aero features to ‘add lightness’. The huge one piece rear panel is a stunning centre piece. Other elements; carbon fibre wing, barge board, splitter and rear diffuser.

Tan interior

Full leather tan to replicate the Bond car look. Throughout the interior and extending to the doors and sills. Some of the dashboard items are covered as is the hand brake and gear gaitor.

Supercar Fest at Shelsley Walsh

Shelsley Walsh is one of the oldest motorsport venue in the world and host to many events, the regular monthly breakfast meet and the annual Supercar Fest. Bond Exige will be there in August 2020 and participating in demonstration runs up the famous hill climb course.

Coming soon: Find out more about the Summer 2019 event.

Lotus Drivers Club at the Shelsley Walsh Supercar Fest 2019
Shelsley Walsh hill climb circuit map Supercar Fest 2019
Shelsley Walsh Supercar Fest 2019 hill climb

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